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  • Welcome to Atlanta Wedding DJs

    We offer Atlanta DJ packages that are hard to beat! We can provide you with some of the finest musical talent in the South for Atlanta weddings and other events.

    Atlanta wedding DJs is a team of entertainers that is made up of excellent professionals. We are fully licensed and insured and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    If you are in need of a party or wedding band please visit our sister site Atlanta Bands

    • Proud. We love what we do and are proud of our profession.
    • Reliable. We do what we say we're going to do .
    • On-Time. We show up when we say we'll be there.
    • Fun. You and your guests will have the time of your life because we know how to make weddings fun!
    • Excellence. We strive to be the best we can be. We care about you and your guests will feel it.
    • State-of-the-art Equipment. Sound is stunning. Volume is controlled to meet your expectations.
    • Sincere. We sincerely want your wedding to become a legendary event, one that is remembered through the years.
    • Integrity. We are honest in all our business dealings and are members of the Better Business Bureau.
    • Obsessed with quality. Quite simply, we want to be the best in the business. You'll notice in big ways like the way we bring weddings to life and create a buzz and energy that is contagious. You'll notice it in little ways, like finding a song that puts a smile on your grandmother's face.
    • Nonconformists. Do you want an entertainment company that follows the crowd... or one that innovates?; Our company leads and wants every event to stand out as a distinctive event.
    • Attention to detail. A hundred little things need to be handled. We handle them. You can relax. We've got you covered.
    • Loyalty. Our clients are wonderfully loyal to us... and we are loyal to them. Loyalty is something that is earned

    Atlanta Wedding DJís was started in 1994 as a part time business and somewhat of a hobby. Then by 1998 it had grown into a full time business with four Atlanta DJs, harpists, string quartets and even bands and weíve been going strong ever since.

    Largely concentrating on DJing weddings in Atlanta, but performing at all types of events all over the state when the occasion calls for it, we have been involved in over 4000 events companywide. As we grew and as times changed, we added up-lighting, LCD projectors and screens and keep our song lists as current as iTunes will allow!

    Since 1994 our slogan has been ďFor a custom tailored wedding receptionĒ because it is most important that you get exactly what you want and nothing less. We get enough information from you to see exactly what you have in mind and thatís exactly what we do. As a result of this, another unofficial slogan was born, ďAll we want is a pat on the back when itís over, we donít care what we have to do to get it.Ē Itís really not that hard to custom tailor a wedding reception, all we do is listen. We play the songs you choose, we donít play the ones you say not to play, we carry out the traditions you want and leave out the ones you donít. Things like this coupled with the fact that we are professionals and pay attention to detail, so that there is always champagne in the toasting flutes and the best man and photographer are in the room prior to announcing a toast, is just one of the many things we do to insure your wedding goes off without a hitch.

    Atlanta DJ has spotless reputation and is a 100% ethical company. We donít promise a DJ and deliver someone else, thatís never happened, not even once. We offer you the opportunity to meet with your DJ prior to hiring him to make sure itís a good fit. If youíve seen one of us at another event or get a strong recommendation, you may choose not to do a pre-hire meeting, but it is certainly available to you.

    Call Atlanta DJ today!

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