Atlanta weddings

Head Tables

Head Tables and sweetheart tables are usually offered by reception facilities and I see them quite a bit.
If you like them, by all means, help yourself! There’s a drawback to both the sweetheart table and head
table that I personally don’t care for however. The sweetheart table isolates you from your loved ones
during dinner. You are in a room with your friends and family but you are sitting there by yourselves
unable to speak to them. I have seen MANY a bride and groom abandon the sweetheart table and trek
out into the guest tables for some interaction with their favorite people.

With a head table, you have the bride, groom and wedding party all sitting side by side facing the
same direction. Say the bride is chatting with the maid of honor and the best man is talking to the groomsman
beside him the poor groom is forced to sit there looking at a back of a head on each side of him. Also if
any member of the wedding party brings a date the date is forced to sit without their date during dinner.

So what do you do?

I recommend place cards. This is your one and only wedding day so pick the eight people in attendance
that you want at your table. A nice round table that seats ten people in a circle, so if the bride is
speaking with the person on the other side of her, the groom has plenty of other entertaining
choices for dinner conversation. Also there’s no breaking up of couples because one half of
the couple happens to be a bridesmaid or groomsman. There you have it, my opinion on
bride and groom reception seating. I encourage you to do what suits you best, this is just what suits
me best based on my experience.

Happy Planning!     

Ted  Crowder Atlanta DJ