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The Six Things      

In addition to the million other things you have to do to prepare for you wedding day, filling out an itinerary for your emcee and/or reception venue is always a must. Sometimes brides will look upon this task as overwhelming and put it off until the very last minute. Some itineraries are several pages while others are quite short. Regardless of the length or wording, they all want to know when and if you would like to do following six things.
  1. Grand Entrance
  2. First Dances
  3. Toast
  4. Cake Cutting
  5. Garter / Bouquet toss
  6. Run through the bubbles

It's these six things that make a wedding reception different than any other party. You are always free to customize, add to or delete any of the above, but this is the core of every reception questionnaire.

You should be able to decide you order of events in about 10 minutes. Compared to everything else, it's quite a simple task. So, don't let a four-page itinerary scare you, it's still only asking six simple questions!


Best of Luck!

Ted  Crowder Atlanta DJ