Atlanta weddings 

I'm the boss!

When hiring a professional entertainer to emcee your reception, keep in mind that this entertainer will aid you in arranging the traditional events.

The traditions that are practiced at wedding receptions, the best man's toast, the removal of the bride's garter, the throwing of the bouquet and so on are all completely optional. If a couple chooses to omit, change or add to one or all of the customary practices, it is absolutely acceptable to do so.

At your wedding reception YOU are President and CEO and you have the authority to arrange the traditional events anyway you'd like and it is always appropriate. For example, you might like to add a bride/stepfather dance to the agenda in addition to the bride/father dance, or maybe have the maid of honor give a toast instead of, or in addition to the best man.

Any way you choose to customize your own wedding day is acceptable and your professional entertainer can always lend a helping hand when it comes to deciding exactly what would suit your needs best. Just remember, "the way that everyone else does it" is not necessarily what's best for you!

Ted  Crowder Atlanta DJ