Do you only do weddings?

We do a lot of weddings, but we are certainly happy to DJ any event.and have experience with just about every kind.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are properly licensed and carry a two million dollar aggregate liability policy.

Can I meet my DJ before I decide to hire him?

Yes, we are happy to arrange a meeting between you and your prospective DJ prior to making any decisions.

Will my DJ wear a tuxedo?

Yes, the default is a tux, but we will wear whatever you want as you may not want your DJ in a tux at a beach theme wedding etc..

Do you bring back-up equipment?

Yes, if anything at all breaks, we have an extra one.

Do you have a back-up DJ in case of emergency?

Yes, (knock on wood) we have never had to use an emergency backup DJ but we always have one standing by.

Do you play requests?

Yes, as many as you want.

Will you put up a banner or sign?

Gross, No! We don’t advertise our service at your event, period.

Can we have a “don’t play” list?

Yes, you can exclude songs, artists, genres, whatever best communicates the music you do and do not want to hear.

Do you also act as emcee?

Yes, we will make sure all of the traditional events are announced and everyone knows what’s going on. But you can rest assured your DJ will never yell, “Somebody scream!!” during the middle of a song.

Do you provide wireless microphones?

Yes, during ceremonies we can provide a mic on a stand for anyone singing or reading as well as a lapel microphone for the officiant. During the reception we have a wireless handheld mic for toasts and announcements.

Do you have experience with Jewish traditions?


Will my DJ take breaks?

No, we don’t take breaks.

Can you provide a separate sound system for the ceremony?


What do you need from the venue?

A six foot, skirted table somewhere near an outlet.

Can you provide references?


You probably noticed that there are two of us. That’s all there is, two. Both of us DJ almost every Saturday of our lives and we could easily add more DJs to the staff. But, when a company has lots of DJs on staff, obviously some DJs are going to be better than others and some clients get the good DJs and some clients get the bad DJs. The only way we can keep you from getting a bad DJ is not to hire them.

Because it’s just the two of us, at some point we sell out for almost every date, so make sure to check availability early!

In most bridal publications there are lists of questions to ask your entertainers. If you’d like to paste that list of questions in an email or print it and bring it to a meeting, please feel free as we are happy to answer any questions you have.

We strive to make you as comfortable as possible in this process and want to give you all of the information possible to help you make an informed decision when hiring a DJ.