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Atlanta Wedding DJ's is made up of a team of four professional wedding specialists. We have assembled what we believe to be one of the best teams in Atlanta.

Ted Crowder

best atlanta dj

Owner of Atlanta Wedding DJ's, veteran of over 1900 weddings. Professional Wedding Consultant, Past President of the GA DJ Association. Ted is a true wedding expert, who loves to entertain!

Nick Crowder

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In the early years, Nick would tag along with brother Ted to his events just because he loved the atmosphere. Nick is now in his sixteenth year as a DJ is one of our top entertainers and threatens to take his brother's job as head honcho one day!

Dale Brott

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With us for fourteen years, Dale is a natural entertainer with an upbeat personality. He is a true professional with a vast musical knowledge and is a wonderful asset

We could add more DJs to our roster. We must turn away quite a bit of business because we are sold out for many dates. Truthfully, if we could find an Atlanta DJ who was of our caliber, who was looking to join a team and was willing to provide the consistency and quality show that we do then we would certainly add them to our roster. Many people have applied, but so far, there is no such DJ. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some excellent DJs in Atlanta, some of my best friends are also my competitors, but if they are already in a situation that they are happy with, they aren’t looking to join our team. If I don’t have 100% confidence in a DJ and his ability, he’s not going to an event under our umbrella.

When looking for a DJ, something you may want to avoid is a company that can’t tell you the name of the DJ they are offering you. Also if you choose to request a meeting with your DJ prior to hiring him and regardless of how they word it, if the answer is “request denied”, in my humble opinion you should steer clear. A BIG GIANT HUGE RED FLAG is a DJ company that has a toll free number, no address, no DJs listed on the website and offers a price far lower than anyone else. Trust me on this one!

Always check with the Better Business Bureau by company name, owner name and phone number. If someone has many complaints especially complaints that they ignored, that’s pretty significant.

Reviews are becoming more and more popular these days. For example if you were interested in our company, you could Google “Atlanta wedding DJ reviews” and see what other brides have to say. In our case we are listed as Atlanta Bands and DJ’s on some sites.

You will find DJs or every caliber and prices from a few hundred to just under a couple of thousand dollars. We fall somewhere in the middle of that. We aren’t the cheapest, aren’t the most expensive but I honestly believe that we are the best deal. You get a top professional DJ with a minimum of 10 years experience for a median price.

Looking for a DJ is a little trickier than some of your other vendors because our product in an intangible. If you interview a cake baker, you can taste the product, if you interview a photographer, you can see the pictures, if you interview a DJ he can’t exactly DJ a wedding for you. But if you interview a professional DJ, he can convince you that he knows exactly what he’s doing. Bring a list of questions and ask him to explain exactly how he orchestrates a reception. We can tell you exactly how we do it, no problem. We can tell you how we carry out your wishes and give the exactly the wedding you want, word for word. With this “word picture” we’ve been very successful at conveying exactly what we do. So hopefully you will meet with us and give us the opportunity to help make your special days yours.